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Sky Q issues

Tony CTony C Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited February 10 in Questions
I have the Multy twin pack and have had occasional issues with Sky Q connecting, usually with the mini boxes in other rooms. But last week or so we constantly can’t connect, despite resetting all settings on Sky and Multy. Any ideas? My tech knowledge is very basic!!



  • HanamichiHanamichi Posts: 121  Warrior Member
    edited February 10
    Which Multy series product? What is the firmware version?
    Can you also share your network topology?
  • Tony CTony C Posts: 2  Junior Member
    We have 2 x Multy X. I don’t know what network topology is, can you explain please?
  • HanamichiHanamichi Posts: 121  Warrior Member
    What's the network connection in your house?
    Does it like Internet---Modem---1st Multy X)))<WLAN>(((2nd Multy X?
    Where is Sky Q Mini Box connect to? Via Ethernet or wireless?

    Only Sky Q Mini Box has the connection problem? Does it able to get an IP address?
    Can you describe more information about "constantly can't connect"?
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