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Where is the wan settings for vmg3925-b10b

euizieuizi Posts: 1
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I bought an ASUS router and want to use my vmg3925-b10b as a modem, i connect the asus router to the modem through WAN but then the internet indication light on the vmg3925-b10b goes from green to red. I check the router configurator on my browser and it says no internet connection please check your wan settings and I can't find where it is.



  • HummelHummel Posts: 171  Warrior Member
    edited October 2019
    If you want to use VMG3925-B10B as a modem, you should directly connect the WAN of VMG3925-B10B to Internet via your ISP service.
    Do you connect VMG3925-B10B to your ISP service via PPPoE?
    The topology should be like this:
    Internet ---ISP Service--- (WAN)VMG3925-B10B(LAN) --- (WAN)ASUS Router

    The reason that the Internet indication light on the VMG3925-B10B goes from green to red is because it doesn't get WAN IP and is not able to access the Internet.
    You can log in WebGUI and find this Menu icon.

    Then go to Menu -> Network Setting -> Broadband -> Edit to modify your WAN settings.
    The following picture is an example for your reference.

    Here is the link of User Guide of VMG3925-B10B:
    You can get more useful information from UG.

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