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WAH7706 4G router shuts down

KristjanKristjan Posts: 1
edited May 2019 in Questions
My WAH7706 shuts down even though it is plugged to power supply, 
even though I have disabled Wi-Fi Power Saving and WWAN Power Saving.
Is there something else I need to do?



  • kilikili Posts: 1
    Same problem here...
  • bbbbbb Posts: 35  Junior Member
    Hi Kristjan and kili, 

    I have few questions: 
    1. Usually how do you re-charge the WAH7706? Do you connect the USB cable directly to a computer or do you connect to the power supply via a power socket?
    2. Before the WAH7706 shuts down, what is the user behavior? Do you watch videos or any other scenario which requires large data consumption?
    3. After the WAH7706 shuts down, can you power on the WAH7706 after re-charing the WAH7706 for half hour (use the same way you usually charge your WAH7706 to re-charge the device)?

  • This happens with mine to. I have it constantly plugged in in the car to a power outlet that is on even when the ignition is off. I don't know exactly when it shuts down. It might happen when I turn off the car, or when I turn the car back on, it is possible that the power is cut for a second in either of these events. The battery is still fully charged when I turn the router back on.
  • bbbbbb Posts: 35  Junior Member
    Hi blitzkopf, 

    I don't know whether the WAH7706 would turn off in either event, but I'd suggest not to charge the WAH7706 in car because the power supply in vehicle is not as stable as regular indoor power supply. Also, I'd suggest not to consume the power but charge the device at the same time. If you're using the device, please do not charge it. Let the device consume power to 1 bar in the battery icon and charge it. 


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