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BLE device not found (Multy U)

BossBEBossBE Posts: 4  Junior Member
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I thought this setup would be quite straightforward, but seems not.

I have 2 Multy U devices which i am connecting to eachother through the Zyxel Multy app. The first device connected fine (Power plugged in and Ethernet Cable attached) and gave me no issues. The second node however is giving me a struggle. Located about 8meters away from my first node (me in between of both), I get the error 'BLE device not found'. I have already tried (multiple times) to reset the second node even though its a completely new device, to no avail. 

Does anybody perhaps know what a solution can be, or perhaps I am simply doing something wrong.

Bluetooth and Wi-fi turned on, several tries with Phone closer and farther from both nodes, rebooting Phone and Multy U's... I'm getting close to losing my mind over something I thought would be 5 minutes work.

Thanks in advance for your help and understanding.


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  • TeemoTeemo Posts: 46  Junior Member
    Accepted Answer
    Here is FAQ about Blue Solid LED:

    When you added 2nd node failure, is there any message show on Multy App?
    Can you try to go to "Menu" > "Add Multy" > "Add Multy to", then add it again?

    What is the distance between your two nodes?
    I installed before, 1 meter or 10 meters, both can set up successfully. I think the distance not the problem, as long as node 2 is able to connect/communicate node 1 via wireless.

    Do you try to put your mobile phone closer to 2nd node? And using telecommunication (LTE) signal to add 2nd node.

    If it still not works, maybe you need to change another mobile phone to install it.


  • TeemoTeemo Posts: 46  Junior Member
    What is the model name and OS version of your mobile phone?
    Are two nodes use wireless backhaul? Can you try to swap two nodes and reinstall them?
  • BossBEBossBE Posts: 4  Junior Member
    My Phone is a Samsung Galaxy S9, android version 9. My 2 nodes come straight out of the box and they are also the only nodes i have available. I tried changing the other one to primary node but it did not work. I have reset both nodes before which also did not work,

    How important is the distance between both nodes? The setup recommends 10 to 15m but i dont have that space available (it's only about 6 to 8m) but i would find it weird if that would be the big issue...
  • TeemoTeemo Posts: 46  Junior Member
    Do you mean when you tried to change the other one as primary node, you cannot install it?
    Only original primary can be installed?

    When you install the problem node, how's the LED status? Do you have another mobile phone to set up them?

    I found the FAQ, you can try to clear Bluetooth cache.
  • BossBEBossBE Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Whatever node I select as first works. The second one would refuse connecting. Clearing cache for bluetooth did not work.  My led indicator shows blue, so according to the guide it is 'ready to connect'. Should I try installing it further away from node 1 as the distance might be an issue? I dont have another mobile Phone to configure it with but I can get my hands on one to test it with that Phone.
  • BossBEBossBE Posts: 4  Junior Member
    It would appear that indeed my Android Phone was the problem in this case. I even completely reset everything related to Bluetooth but it did not work. I used my backup iPhone and it worked like a charm first try. Ty Teemo for your help and patience.

  • rents1977rents1977 Posts: 3  Junior Member
    I bought three Multy Us on Amazon and cannot set up any of them as I get the BLE device not found. I have an HTC u11 phone running Android 8. I have tried two of the three Multy Us and the same error.

    I don't have another phone to try :-/
  • PixelPixel Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Please make sure that the Multy U is connected with a Modem/Router on its WAN port before the installation.

    Did the LED show blue during the installation?
    What the firmware version of Multy App?
  • rents1977rents1977 Posts: 3  Junior Member
    As with other people the only solution was to use another (borrowed) phone to set it up. Worked amazing for a few hours, now endless problems with primary dropping connection, then the two additional Multys show red X, the primary gets it's connection back, but the other two stay red X. I restarted them, they connected, then the primary showed red X and back round in circles. But I will not take this discussion off topic with too much more of those grumbles.

    Using an HTC M9 with Android 7 allowed me to complete the set up.
  •  :) 
  • timtimtimtimtimtim Posts: 1
    I have the same problem, but I have not got a android 7 device, I didn't know it was a requirement!!! any other things I can do?
  • PeterKPeterK Posts: 25  Junior Member
    Multy App is required Andriod 5 up, and Bluetooth 4.1 up. 
    1. Can you describe your issue? Are you able to install the first Multy?
    2. Have you tried to switch the two Multy, and start again the installation?
    3. Did you start the installation when the Multy was glowing blue LED?
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