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Download doesn't work NSA 310

BADMOPARBADMOPAR Posts: 4  Junior Member
edited December 2018 in Questions
Download doesn't work on my NSA 310 from yesterday. The only problem I can found is that my NAS Can not set upnp port mapping. Is there something I can do?



  • WiasoudaWiasouda Posts: 105  Warrior Member
    With download server function and torrent? Try other torrent file to check.
  • BADMOPARBADMOPAR Posts: 4  Junior Member
    I did it already and nothing happens.
  • WiasoudaWiasouda Posts: 105  Warrior Member
    Did you do any specific thing/setting on your NSA310?
    If you could not remember, try reset to default by pressing reset button.
    Reset would not effect your data.
  • BADMOPARBADMOPAR Posts: 4  Junior Member
    No, I didn't. I was trying to download newest part of my favorite TV series. Previous download working well. Now I could try reset my nas, but I have injured my knee today and my NSA 310 is on top of the kitchen cabinet.
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 622  Heroic Warrior Member
    It is possible to perform a factory reset without physical access. First open the Telnet backdoor, login as root over telnet, and execute

  • BADMOPARBADMOPAR Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Problem solved. My ISP has changed main gateway address without letting me know. Thanks for your assistance.
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