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I cannot acces my NAS326 from my Win10 workstation

Duracell1650Duracell1650 Posts: 1  Junior Member
edited March 2018 in Questions
Hello fellow NAS users :-D
I have a problem with my Win10 machine (one of them)
I can connect to my NAS through Zyxel configuration app. And I can connect to the NAS through IE.
But I cannot access it through Explorer. It's not available under "Networks" or "My Computer"
I can ping the IP, but I cannot even do a "Net Use"
The computers are on a home network. No servers or AD.
My Win7 laptop AND my Win10 Laptop can access the NAS just fine. But my workstation WIN10 cannot.
It worked fine until about a month ago and I have consulted Mr Google and are really stuck here.
Hope somebody can help me..



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