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NSA326 unresponsive twice in two weeks

AlfablosAlfablos Posts: 1  Junior Member
edited April 2018 in Discussions
Hi everybody,
I've had this NSA326 for almost one year now but in the last two weeks it happened to become unresponsive (unreachable from the web, using SMB, over SSH and even holding down the power button won't force a shutdown). I don't know why. It's running the last firmware version ( V5.21(AAZF.1) ).
I'm having to unplug the power cable, which is not quite healthy for both the NAS and the disks inside it :( 
Has anybody encontered this issue so far?
Please, help. I can't work without it and I'm desperate! :( 
Thanks guys



  • IjnrsiIjnrsi Posts: 254  Advanced Warrior Member
    Hi @Alfablos
    Did you hear any beep sound after you boot up the NAS?
    If no, that NAS might stop at some programs and it might caused by HDD, so you can try remove the HDDs and boot again to see if possile to access NAS or not.
    And try the HDD one by one to plug in NAS to check which one has problem.

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