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kissg88kissg88 Posts: 1  Junior Member
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I have a NAS326 2bay NAS. I want to us web UI via https.
I created a CSR in the ssl menu end a CRT in comodo.
After The NAS imprted th cert works fine but the SSL menu not responding anymore.

What can i do?



  • TriXaMTriXaM Posts: 1  Junior Member
    Hello!  I'm getting exactly the same issue with my NAS540.  I've also purchased a certificate from COMODO SSL and uploaded it via the SSL screen in the control panel, and I now I get the "500 Internal Server Error" every time I navigate to the "SSL" options screen - but the certificate does appear to work, as with you.  I've just created a support ticket, but I'd be interested in hearing if there was a resolution or whether anyone else has experienced something similar?

    Many thanks!
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