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kissg88kissg88 Posts: 1  Junior Member
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I have a NAS326 2bay NAS. I want to us web UI via https.
I created a CSR in the ssl menu end a CRT in comodo.
After The NAS imprted th cert works fine but the SSL menu not responding anymore.

What can i do?



  • TriXaMTriXaM Posts: 1  Junior Member
    Hello!  I'm getting exactly the same issue with my NAS540.  I've also purchased a certificate from COMODO SSL and uploaded it via the SSL screen in the control panel, and I now I get the "500 Internal Server Error" every time I navigate to the "SSL" options screen - but the certificate does appear to work, as with you.  I've just created a support ticket, but I'd be interested in hearing if there was a resolution or whether anyone else has experienced something similar?

    Many thanks!
  • nils_anils_a Posts: 2  Junior Member
    I own a NAS542 and have the same problem.
    I Created a CSR, got a certificate and uploaded it. Everything works except I can no longer access the SSL settings page.

    Any progess on this?
  • nils_anils_a Posts: 2  Junior Member
    I got answers and a workaround from support.
    1) after uploading your certificate it will work until it expires..
    2) if you remove the certificate everything will work as before..

    To remove the certificate one needs to activate SSH (or telnet)
    #cd /etc/zyxel/cert
    /etc/zyxel/cert # rm CA.cer CSR.p10
    /etc/zyxel/cert # reboot

    after the reboot is finished the previously uploaded certificate is removed and the NAS-box will work as before. (And you'll be able to upload a new certificate...)
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