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why I I'm not able to login routers web interface to change settings?

janjan Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited March 2018 in Questions
i have router NBG6616 an this site says that I have to use address to login my web interface but safari says it can't download this page ?
what should I do ?



  • HummelHummel Posts: 90  Warrior Member
    Have you checked the IP address your PC gets when connecting to NBG6616?

    For example, if your PC gets, then I think you can try to access the WebGUI of NBG6616 with IP

    You can also reset the NBG6616 and then you will be able to access its WebGUI via because it is the default LAN IP of NBG6616.
  • janjan Posts: 2  Junior Member
    i have a osx.
    no ihavent checked that, i thought that i just have to use only this address
    If i understand right, i have to change the last part of this, to same that my ip is using?
    i have reseted router allready couple times, it didn´t help.
  • HummelHummel Posts: 90  Warrior Member
    edited March 2018

    Please check your Mac to see what IP address it gets when connecting to NBG6616 first and share the information here. In that way, we could help to figure what happens.
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