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Block traffic on usg40 for different networks

alexia_netalexia_net Posts: 5  Junior Member
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Hi. I have a situation on my new USG40 firewall. The default network on this firewall is / VLAN1. I have created a new VLAN, which got as IP newtork
Now I want to block the traffic betwenn and and vice-versa.
I have created 2 rules in POLICY CONTROLL. Denying the traffic both ways, but it seems that the rules do not work. The rules are assigned with the highest priority. 
I can still ping from network.

The only think I can think of is that the management network, has access to whatever other network defined. Hoever this is kind a strange. I do not think that it can be like this. So probably I am doing something wrong.
Any tips much appreciated. Thank you!



  • alexia_netalexia_net Posts: 5  Junior Member
    Sorry, one mistake. I want to block the traffic between and
  • alexia_netalexia_net Posts: 5  Junior Member
    It has to do with the order the FW read the rules.
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