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Can not ping local computers

djpikydjpiky Posts: 2  Junior Member
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We have 3 x switch GS2200-48 and router USG100. Yesterday we have power maintaince and after power came back  just one computer isnt able to ping other computers. It can go to internet but can not ping any local pc except switch and router.

I tried to put it on different port on switch, change cables, disable firewall, change from dhcp to static ip, disable antivirus, clear arp table but still can not ping local computer.

any idea?



  • Fredzoul1Fredzoul1 Posts: 97  Warrior Member
    And restart proprely this only one computer don't resolve the default ?
  • BlabababaBlabababa Posts: 15  Junior Member
    Interesting, "just one computer" has this problem?? how about try with an USB network adapter to cross check?
  • FlashFlash Posts: 7  Junior Member
    Hi @djpiky,

    You may verify the followings on your GS2200 switch:
    1. Do you enable Port Isolation on the switch except for uplink port(the port which goes to the Internet)? You may go to "Advanced Application -> VLAN -> VLAN Port Setting" to check.
      If yes, you may disable it and try again.
    2. If there is an ACL configuration on the switch to block the traffic from the computer to other local computers?
    3. Make sure all your local computers have already disabled Windows firewall.
    Hope it helps.
  • djpikydjpiky Posts: 2  Junior Member
    I figured out, if i connect other computer on same port, everything is working. So i belive that problem is on computer or maybe  something wrong with arp tables?

    I also figured out that i can ping computers which are on same switch connected, but i can not ping computers which are connected on any other switch. As i said, if i connect different computer on same port, everything is working OK. Any idea?
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