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MWR102 -- where did its web gui go?

JackElliottJackElliott Posts: 3  Junior Member
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I've set up my new MWR102 as an access point. It was adopted by the house's network and is now working fine. But I'd like to check a few settings, and can't find it on the network. NMAP and Angry IP Scanner cannot find its IP address. How can I access it? Perhaps the webgui goes down once the device has been set up?



  • RoryRory Posts: 102  Warrior Member

    Did you try to open a browser and type in
    You can also check MWR102's IP from DHCP client list of your router.
  • JackElliottJackElliott Posts: 3  Junior Member
    Thank you, Rory. I'm using the MWR102 with a router that is not mine, it's provided by an ISP and they've changed the default login creds so I can't get into it. doesn't work, the subnet I'm on, and which the router and the MWR102 are using, is 192.168.1.nnn.
  • RoryRory Posts: 102  Warrior Member

    Did you set up IP of PC as 192.168.100.x before access MWR102's GUI?
  • JackElliottJackElliott Posts: 3  Junior Member
    Hi Rory,
    Um . . . how do I say this. Ah -- "duh." No I didn't. Thanks for the tip, I am not nearly as bright as I wish I was.
  • Zyxel_KellyZyxel_Kelly Posts: 44  Zyxel Moderator

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