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Are there plans for Port forwarding on the Multy X?

kopitekopite Posts: 3  Junior Member
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I've been looking at getting the Multy x solution for my wireless at home but The only current issue I have is that I need to be able to use port forwarding to my wired server. 

This is done in my Current Cable router but I was hoping to just use that in Model mode and let the Zyxel deal with everything.



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  • rsrrsr Posts: 1  Junior Member
    Accepted Answer
    Port forwarding is available in the latest firmware, works like a dream!
  • DexterDexter Posts: 7  Junior Member
    Accepted Answer
    Here is the screenshot. For your reference.  ;)


  • kopitekopite Posts: 3  Junior Member
    That's awesome news! I ordered the routers last week and they should arrive today when I can have a play around :smiley:
    Thanks Guys!
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