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Are there plans for Port forwarding on the Multy X?

kopitekopite Posts: 4  Junior Member
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I've been looking at getting the Multy x solution for my wireless at home but The only current issue I have is that I need to be able to use port forwarding to my wired server. 

This is done in my Current Cable router but I was hoping to just use that in Model mode and let the Zyxel deal with everything.



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  • rsrrsr Posts: 2  Junior Member
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    Port forwarding is available in the latest firmware, works like a dream!
  • DexterDexter Posts: 37  Junior Member
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    Here is the screenshot. For your reference.  ;)


  • kopitekopite Posts: 4  Junior Member
    That's awesome news! I ordered the routers last week and they should arrive today when I can have a play around :smiley:
    Thanks Guys!
  • jeremy_gerbiljeremy_gerbil Posts: 4  Junior Member
    I can't get this to work.  I have ABK J.4 firmware.
    Say I want to forward incoming requests for port 80 to my internal Web server (NAT) on IP  I would enter 80 for internal and external port, and the IP address for Device IP.  As soon as I enter the port number for External, the message "The port was reserved for system use" is displayed and I can't create the rule.  This seems to be the case for any port 6000 or less.  What am I doing wrong?
  • jeremy_gerbiljeremy_gerbil Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Actually cancel that.  When I looked at UPnP Table, I discovered that most of the ports that I wanted to forward were already forwarded in there - though I don't know how, I didn't do it.  The only ones not there are for FTP/SFTP (21/22) - anyone know how to add those? 
  • DexterDexter Posts: 37  Junior Member
    edited June 2018
    You should set other external port number to map your internal port number.

    Topology: Internet---<WAN>Multy X<LAN>---NAS
    For example, the web interface of my NAS is used port 80 for internal.
    So, I created a port forward rule as external port: 8888 <-Port Mapping-> internal port: 80.

    I used WAN IP of Multy X + external port number (x.x.x.x:8888) to access the web interface of my NAS when I was outside.
  • jeremy_gerbiljeremy_gerbil Posts: 4  Junior Member
    I just want all access to my external static IP with the default http port 80 to be forwarded to the Web server (also port 80) on the NAS.  (Also applies to default https port 443).  So the public don't have to remember to add a special port number when accessing my website.   If I want to access the management Web interface of the NAS I use a different port (5000).

    Anyway it won't let me use external port 8080 either.

    My previous router (Buffalo) used to support this.

    Since upgrading to the new firmware the UPnP table has emptied so my internal Web server is no longer visible.  Anyone know how this gets populated?
  • jeremy_gerbiljeremy_gerbil Posts: 4  Junior Member
    I got my Synology NAS to set it up via UPnP from DSM (Control Panel > External Access > Router Configuration).  Seems to be the only way.
  • RoryRory Posts: 120  Warrior Member

    The 8080 port also be reserved by Multy X,
    I use port 8000 for my NAS device,
    then I can access my NAS with WAN IP of Multy X:8000.

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