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Three Questions before buying Multy x

lincinilincini Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited December 2017 in Questions
Hi, just three questions:
1. Can Multy X deal with V-DSL of provider 1&1 in Germany?
2. Is there / will be shortly also a Web Browser based administration UI similar to the mobile App available?
3. Is the device, which is connected to the LAN, providing an Access Point mode?

Thank you for a quick response and happy x-mas! :# 


Best Answer

  • Zyxel_StevenZyxel_Steven Posts: 211  Zyxel Moderator
    edited December 2017 Accepted Answer
    Thanks for your interest in Multy X and for reaching out! Please see my answer as below.
    1. Yes.
    2. Currently, Multy X does not support administration portal by using web browser login.
    You can use Multy X app to manage it. Please kindly download it from App Store (iOS) or Google Play (Android).
    3. You can set Multy X as Bridge Mode. (To install your Multy X as Wireless Access Point in your house.) Please refer to the latest Multy X App for new features!
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