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NAS540 with NSF on Kodi

HenkHenk Posts: 12  Junior Member
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Hello, i have a Zyxel NAS540 and want to stream content by NSFto my Kodi player.

I can see the NAS in Kodi but cannot see the shared folders. I cannot give the rights to these shared folders.

Can anyone advise me?



  • IjnrsiIjnrsi Posts: 254  Advanced Warrior Member
    I suggest you to provide us the screenshot for your setting on NAS and Kodi.
    And Kodi is supported SMB, would it be easier to use for you?
  • HenkHenk Posts: 12  Junior Member
    edited December 2017
    SMB is slower on streaming using Kodi 17. When streaming 4K content on Kodi the buffering is anoying. NFS is faster an more reliable.

    I can provide screenshots. However, i don't think screenshots will provide more information. I just like to know if Zyxel, like the Synology, is able to share maps on NFS and how to permit those maps to NFS
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 974  Heroic Warrior Member
    Troubleshooting NFS on a commercial NAS with Kodi

    I think you'll have to add the 'insecure' option to /etc/exports. (Which is a symlink to the actual exports file. The setting will remain until you use the GUI to change NFS settings.
  • HenkHenk Posts: 12  Junior Member
    Done some extra checking... I can see the NFS share in Windows 10 and see the testfile i put in. Kodi on windos can see the NFS share too and is able to play the file.
    Kodi on android on the the Minix can see the NFS share but can't go deeper into it to see the files. 

    I find it strange that on android the share is not accesible. Does anyone have a clue to solve this?
  • HenkHenk Posts: 12  Junior Member
    Thanks to "Mijzelf". He gave me the golden clue to add "insecure". 

    My problem was a complete lack of knowledge. I could not find the files on the Zyxel NAS. After some reading and trying finally i found that you need the prog WinSCP (i used version -5.11.3). With this prog you can login by root into the NAS and find the etc/exports file. I just added ",insecure" and voila. I found the content of my NFS share in Kodi on my Minix. Now i can stream from my NAS thru NFS.

    What appeard was that after adjusting the file my NAS was no longer displayed in Network on Windows 10. I restarted my NAS, restarted windows but still no NAS displayed in the Network on Win10. So i drasticly used a restore point before my NAS changes and now it is displayed again. Perhaps just restoring the network was also sufficient ... i don't know. Glad all works now.
  • Hi! I bought an Nas542 and I want to use it to stream movies and so on to my RPi Kodi but I can't get Kodi to scrape the movies. I've gotten so far as installing NFS on my NAS and now Kodi can find the unit on the NFS option but it won't find the movies. If I add the NAS as an UPnP device I can find the movies in Kodi but then it won't recognize the folder as an moviefolder. I was woundering if the insecure option would help me but where and how do I change that setting?
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