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Which HDD to use when replacing failed HDD in NAS540?

PeterPeter Posts: 3  Junior Member
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Hi All

I have a NAS540 with 4 Seagate Baracuda 2TB HDD installed. The NAS540 is beeping and the Storage Manager says “Volume1 is degraded.” shows that the 3rd HDD has failed. ( Actually does not show “Disk3” at all)

I cannot find the same model of Seagate Baracuda 2TB HDD available any more. There are other 2TB Seagate Baracuda 2TB HDD available.

I have two questions

Can I just put any new 2TB disc in as a replacement?

Can I take the failing disc out and use the raid until I get the replacement?

Any other advice appreciated.

Thanks for reading.




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  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,073  Heroic Warrior Member
    Accepted Answer
    You can use any disk which is not smaller than the current one. It's tempting to say any 2TB disk will do, but that might not be the case. On your disk you should find a specification how big it actually is, in sectors (of 512 bytes) or in bytes. At that level the disk should not be smaller.

    And yes, you can remove the disk and use the degraded raid array. 


  • IjnrsiIjnrsi Posts: 254  Advanced Warrior Member
    You can also refer Zyxel compatibility list in their official web site:

    Actually, the volume is already degraded, then I recommand to replace and repair the volume first before you do any change with your data.
  • Fredzoul1Fredzoul1 Posts: 97  Warrior Member
    Install the new HDD ASAP for security of your data.
    Because, another disk can failed, if you have installed all at the same time.
    And when you raid is under repair, all HDD work hard to repair and long time if you have many data, hope all it's ok for you :-)
  • PeterPeter Posts: 3  Junior Member
    Hi All

    Thanks for the replies.

    Just for any one else in the same situation. I had 4 Seagate ST2000DM001 (2TB) disks installed
    I have now replaced the failed HDD with another 2TB Seagate ST2000DM006.

    The installation was easy and the “recovery” or “restoration” of the raid was also very straight forward. It did however take the whole day to sync up. But I did not loose any data. Yay!

    So on the whole I am very happy with how things turned out and the NAS540 Raid is well worth the money spent.

    I realize that the NAS I have is old but the list provided by Zyxel is very much out of date. But it would be nice if they could update it with a compatibles list.



  • Fredzoul1Fredzoul1 Posts: 97  Warrior Member
    Happy for you, it's perfect !
    Have everytime a new HDD in reserve, with this you can rapidly change a failed HDD and secure you data :-)
    See you :-)
  • brwbrw Posts: 8  Junior Member
    HOW do you replace a faulty HDD? I have 4x6TB WD RED disks, and my NAS beeps and complains about being "Degraded". In storage manager it shows as it's Drive 1 that's the problem, but if I remove that disk it shows as "Volume down" and I cannot access anything at all.

    If I go to the "Repair" tab and then swap the faulty drive for a new one and click continue nothing happens it doesn't start any rebuilding process or anything. I feel a bit stupid here, but it's frustrating as I cannot seem to find anywhere the procedure for replacing a faulty drive on a degraded volume is being described.

    Right now with the 4 original HDDs I get beeping and no functionality, but I am at least able to browse the volume and see that data is there. If I replace the faulty one with a new one the volume goes down and nothjing is accessible.

    So please Zyxel (or anyone) if you could help me out here that'd be swell as I have 8TB I would really like access to..

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