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Plex.TV for NAS326??

tomrctomrc Posts: 13  Junior Member
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Someone know if there is any plan to implemented plex.tv on NAS326.
or someone know any  way to install plex.tv easy


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  • daydaydayday Posts: 1  Junior Member
    can you help me with a tutorial with print screens ? or video ? i don`t now even where to start i read everything  but i fail install the repo with zy-pkgs
  • tomrctomrc Posts: 13  Junior Member

    First question you able to go the admin\zy-pkgs?
    if you response is yes 
    For me the key was rename from MetaRepository_20160513_arm_013.pkg  to this "MetaRepository.zpkg" then
     webinterface execute 'Retreive list from Internet' or "Update list from Internet"

    Let me know were you feel that you are lost.


    P.D: I try several time with the full name and sometimes w

  • channel23channel23 Posts: 1  Junior Member
    im trying to figure out how to add plex to my nas326 please help.
  • tomrctomrc Posts: 13  Junior Member
    Go to 

    How to install

    Download MetaRepository_20160513_arm_013.pkg , rename to "MetaRepository.zpkg" , and put the text file in \\<NAS>\admin\zy-pkgs\. Then in the package menu press on the 'Retreive List From Internet' button. (On firmware 5.20+ this is the 'Cycle icon' in 'App Center->Browse->All Apps'). Only the MetaRepository package should show up. Install it, and re-request the list. You should see the (MetaRepository). If you still see only MetaRepository, disable it, enable it again, and retry.

    After the install metarepository, click  on them, install plex

  • GuySGuyS Posts: 1  Junior Member
    For anyone coming to this thread who has a NAS326 note that the admin folder mentioned is NOT off root of the volume e.g. /admin/ but is located under /i-data/sysvol/admin. When I put the MetaRepository.zpkg file there, the subsequent steps mentioned in the tread above worked to install the packages.
  • emau74emau74 Posts: 16  Junior Member
    I can not find the directory / i-data / sysvol / admin, can you help me?
    Thank you
  • TipcsiTipcsi Posts: 2  Junior Member
    edited July 2018
    I have found /i-data/sysvol/admin folder, but it does not contain "zy-pkgs" folder. If I create that manually, and copy MetaRepository.zpkg over there, and press "Retrieve List from Internet", then I still see the official packages offered by Zyxel. It does not pick up the custom pkg.

    Any idea?

    UPDATE: with SSH client I have found a "zy-pkgs" folder under /i-data/304e394d/.system/zy-pkgs. That folder seemed to be promising, because it contains the already downloaded zpkg for ZyxelCloudAgent. So I have copied the zpkg package here, pressed "Retrieve List from Internet", but the package still not showing up.
  • kimmekimme Posts: 29  Junior Member
    I have about the same issue as Tipcsi.
    I've added MetaRepository.zpkg to /i-data/sysvol/admin/zy-pkgs but when I try to retrieve the list it just refreshes the standard packages.
  • BatManBatMan Posts: 1  Junior Member
    I have installed Plex server using the MetaRepository, and now I want to add the WebTools plugin. Where is the location that I need to install the files?
  • waiting4waiting4 Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Hello guys. http://zyxel.nas-central.org/wiki/3rd_party_zypkgs has been down for several days. Could anyone please kindly share the file MetaRepository_20160513_arm_013.pkg? I can not find it anywhere.

    Thank you in advance.
  • shvshv Posts: 9  Junior Member
  • gebhaardgebhaard Posts: 2  Junior Member

    I installed Plex via MetaRepo, set up and started the server, seems working, but my Plex Media Player on PC shows that my NAS uses an old version of the server, and I need to update it, but it shows that it's up to date. How can I get this working? How can I install a newer version of Plex to my NAS? (my current version is

    Thank you!
  • gebhaardgebhaard Posts: 2  Junior Member
    edited October 2018
    To everyone who is struggling to update Plex... download one of Western Digital's package (I downloaded MyCloudMirror), and install that, and now its working!

    sorry, no, its not working  :'(
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