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install second hard disk nas326

emau74emau74 Posts: 43  Junior Member
in my nas326 I have installed only one hd; if I wanted to install the second hd I lose the data of the first? what procedure should i do?
thank you


  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,330  Paragon Member
    You can insert the disk and create a volume on it. That doesn't touch the current disk.
  • emau74emau74 Posts: 43  Junior Member
    the data of the first hard disk remain even if I wanted to activate RAID 1?
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,330  Paragon Member
    edited October 16
    If your current volume is capable to be extended to a 2 disk raid 1 array, the data will remain. But when you have to create a new volume to do so, the data will be lost.

    BTW, if your data is valuable, you should have a backup. A disk is a fragile, mechanical device, and it *will die* some day.

  • emau74emau74 Posts: 43  Junior Member
    Now my disk Is

  • lodiabailodiabai Posts: 103  Warrior Member
    edited October 20
    You can select your current volume, and then click edit, it should allow you to extend the BASIC volume to the RAID1 with another disk.
  • emau74emau74 Posts: 43  Junior Member
    edited 4:11PM
    why if i put the second hd i no longer access the NAS? the disc is identical to the one I have in the nas
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