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No net, what have I done wrong? Please help.

DrFingeryagutsDrFingeryaguts Posts: 4  Junior Member
Hello, I have a VDSL2 gateway vmg3925-b10c and I need help getting the internet through it.
Ok, I have a Virginmedia router (UK) in modem mode, Lan cable to the WAN on my gateway.

Broadband setting:

Static ip 10 10 10 100
Subnet mask
Gateway ip
Dns server 1
Dns server 2

I can't get the internet using either Wifi or Lan

Thanks for any help you can give.


  • HummelHummel Posts: 188  Warrior Member
    edited October 12
    What is your topology?
    Does it look like the following one:
    Internet --- Virginmedia router(LAN) --- (WAN)VMG3925-B10C(LAN/WLAN) --- Clients

  • DrFingeryagutsDrFingeryaguts Posts: 4  Junior Member
    edited October 12
    Hello, yes that's it.
    Thank you for your help. So what now?
  • HummelHummel Posts: 188  Warrior Member
    edited October 13
    Why do you use static IP instead of DHCP on VMG3925? Doesn't your Virginmedia router assign DHCP IP on LAN?
    Is it possible to simplify your topology to remove Virginmedia router?
    It would be easy to understand if you could provide the WAN settings on Virginmedia router and VMG3925.
  • DrFingeryagutsDrFingeryaguts Posts: 4  Junior Member
    edited October 13
    Hi, Virginmedia router (which I can't replace) is cable, has 4 lan outputs, wifi, and a phone hotspot service that irradiates us. As we can't turn the hotspot off any other way, it has to be in modem mode.
    Modem mode has 1 lan out put and no more. I'm guessing that modem mode doesn't have DHCP, I'm going on what others have said on youtube.
    There are no settings with the virgin router in modem mode (it's as thick as a brick).

    I can't remember seeing wan settings on my vmg3925, all I have done is follow the instructions from a guy that I think, works for zyxel, on youtube. He said go to Broadband, and add the info that I have put in my first comment. 
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,330  Paragon Member
    If your modem is in 'modem mode', it's actually a 'vdsl to ethernet' converter, which means your router's WAN is directly connected to your ISP, and the WAN IP address is your public address.

    The WAN IP address is either requested by DHCP, or by PPPoE. Static WAN addresses which have to be put in the router are rare, and is certainly not (Well theoretically it can, but the probability is small.)
    I looked at the site of Virgin Media, but I can't even find they are offering VDSL, and therefore certainly not the corresponding network settings. So try to switch your modem back, and search for WAN settings.

  • DrFingeryagutsDrFingeryaguts Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Hello, thank you for your help.
    It looks like youtube videos are leading us down the garden path, and tripping us up half way down. As other info says DHCP is the way.
    I'll give it ago over the weekend.

    Cheers. :-)
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