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Can I use two Multi X on the same system?

oneearoneear Posts: 2  Junior Member
Hi - I've seen a great deal on a multi x and multi mini pack, and I was thinking of buying two for my fairly large house with lost of connected devices.

My plan was to have one multi x connected to the existing  vodafone modem, one multi x next to my TV so the sonos, tv and PS4 can be connected to it via ethernet and use the two minis to boost signal on the second and third floors.

Would this work? 

Also, does this have an inbuilt firewall?  If not, how do I configure it so I have the network protected by the firewall on the modem?  I want to avoid double NAT as I game and it causes major headaches.




  • LeeLee Posts: 2  Junior Member
    Yeah you can use two Multy X units (as they sell them that way.

    Are you going to order from Box.co.uk?  TopCashBack had some additional money back offers not long back :smile:
  • oneearoneear Posts: 2  Junior Member
    edited August 8
    Thanks - It’s a great price but I’m put off by some of the limitations such as not being able to assign my PiHole as dns server.  Seems like no mesh wifi quite does exactly what I need, I guess it’s still a developing technology...
  • JamesLJamesL Posts: 37  Junior Member
    The connection on the second multy mini may have some problem.
    As I know, Multy mini can only be connected as the last multy, so both of Multy mini have to connect to the signal from Multy X, but the third-floor one may not able to get the signal from the X.
    So I think the best way is to get two Multy X and one Multy mini, and Multy mini at the third floor, and first and second floor with Multy X.
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