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Capitalization in added shares

warmbeerswarmbeers Posts: 9  Junior Member
I just started using my NAS326 and have a few questions, one of which is how to control capitalization when adding additional shares via the Control Panel app.  One share i created maintained the Capitalization as I entered it when creating the share, as in "MY IMPORTANT Files", thoughout the Control Panel List, the File Browser App and Windows Explorer.  But the next share i created, as in "BU FILES", maintains the capitalization in the Control Panel and File Browser App but when i view it in Windows Explorer there is no capitalization, as in "bu files".  What's the deal and how do i adjust to get what i intended???


  • MelMel Posts: 80  Warrior Member
    There is no such issue to my NAS and PC. Can you share the screenshot of file browser and windows explorer?
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,260  Paragon Member
    I think you are looking at a 'feature' of Windows Explorer. Back in the days, MSDos stored all files with uppercase characters. When looked at it in Explorer that was considered ugly. So there was a filter in Explorer which showed an all caps name as a single capital and further lowercase.
    But there was more in it. I believe Raymond Chen has written about it in his OldNewThing blog, but unfortunately I can't find it anymore.
    Anyway, you can switch it off with some registry key 'DontPrettyPath' somewhere.
  • warmbeerswarmbeers Posts: 9  Junior Member

    Hi Mel - attached are the ZYXEL control panel & File Browser showing the share names capitalized and the Windows Explorer window showing 1 Capped and not the other.  Thanks for any additional input:
    Mijzelf - not sure I understand your suggestion.  How would that lead to one Share name showing as capped and not the other???

  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,260  Paragon Member
    not sure I understand your suggestion.  How would that lead to one Share name showing as capped and not the other???

    I'm not sure about it, but I think a 'mixed-caps' name will be treated differently than an 'all-caps' name, where, in this case, an all-caps name is shown as lowercase.

  • warmbeerswarmbeers Posts: 9  Junior Member
    That does seem apparent from the way it was treated, but certainly does not seem either logical nor reasonable.  But just now i tried changing the name of the share with all caps to one with some lower case and the result WAS that the mixed caps title appeared properly in Win Explorer.  Wondering what the programmer was thinking with that design or if it was an oversight?
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