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What am i Authorizing

warmbeerswarmbeers Posts: 9  Junior Member
Just signed up for this forum after purchasing an NAS326 a couple weeks ago and have some question (to follow).  Before the system would allow me to get to this point to ask a question it forced me to click 'Authorize' and something about cloud access.  What exactly did i authorize?  Am I authorizing Zyxel to access my NAS?, any files I put on the cloud?  or what.  it was not clear from the page!!


  • KimKim Posts: 34  Junior Member
    Do you have the screenshot of the page that force you to click "Authorize"? 
  • warmbeerswarmbeers Posts: 9  Junior Member
    Nope, sorry.  If you really have some info related to this i could probably reproduce it by creating another user account but if just grabbing at straws not sure it is useful.
  • KimKim Posts: 34  Junior Member
    As I know, there is one thing related to cloud that is myZyXELcloud. It is a tool to sync your NAS with Zyxel cloud so you can use ZyXEL Drive this APP to access your NAS. It will not store your file.
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