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Firmware Update

AliBN21AliBN21 Posts: 2  Junior Member
Hello everyone,
I have a ZyXEL VMG1312-T20B router and I'm looking for the update bin file for this device. Current firmware version is V5.30(ABlH.0).b3
I bought this device from an online retailer and I believe it's stock and not isp branded.
Thank you


  • makab21774makab21774 Posts: 1
    Hi buddy, looking for the same did you get any yet on this?

    Connie R. Lawson
  • AliBN21AliBN21 Posts: 2  Junior Member
    Hi there
    Not yet unfortunately. But I found someone on YouTube who has the same device but with a newer and more modern settings interface. That's why I still have high hopes.
    Here is the link: 
    If I find something I will definitely share it here.
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