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What do you think of ZyXEL ?

Dear sysadmins, fellow colleague,


I would like to have your opinion on ZyXEL for everything that is switches, router, etc

I ask this because we equip a lot of little companies we work for with ZyXEL but I don't see this often so...was wondering if we were doing the right choice


And if you had a TOP 3, what would it be ? HP ? DELL ?



  • ScofieldScofield Posts: 18  Junior Member
    In my opinion, I think Zyxel products may not be the best or have the latest feature in the market, but the price and the quality are pretty solid.
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,260  Paragon Member
    In my opinion ZyXEL has good hardware. The software is not as good.

    I used to work at a company where the network was build around 12 48 ports managed ZyXEL switches. For some reason I regularly needed to know which device was connected to which port, so I wrote a scraper which downloaded the MAC table from the router. It turned out that I had to write 3 scrapers, as the 12 switches (which were bought at the same moment) had three different firmware versions, with 3 different interfaces.

    But they worked fine, including vlans.
  • Zyxel_LuciousZyxel_Lucious Posts: 32  Zyxel Moderator
    edited August 4

    Thank you for the comment.
     For some reason I regularly needed to know which device was connected to which port
    For our recent models, I would suggest using "neighbor" in status page to find out the connecting devices of those who can support LLDP.

    Again, your opinion is very appreciated and we'll keep making our product better.

  • ennisdavisennisdavis Posts: 3  Junior Member
    They SUCK!
  • Zyxel_LuciousZyxel_Lucious Posts: 32  Zyxel Moderator
    edited August 5

    Let's put aside our emotions and discuss this as rational people.
    Maybe you can share your experience or reason to us so we can work out some solution for you.

  • TiggerLASTiggerLAS Posts: 13  Junior Member
    So far, I've generally been pleased with the performance of the
    various Zyxel devices that I've deployed at home, and at work.

    I started with the Armor Z1 AC2350 router at home.
    It has been a solid performer for the last few years.
    (With my only complaint being an inability to stop the
    OneConnect broadcast advertisements in Access Point mode.)


    At work, we realized that we were going to need
    additional network ports due to an upcoming remodel.

    We had been using a Cisco SF300-24P,
    to support our phones, PCs, printers, etc.

    Rather than daisy-chaining another switch
    (which has the potential of creating a bottleneck),
    I decided it was best to invest in a new 48-port switch instead.

    While Cisco has been a solid performer in our office,
    their 48-port POE-capable switch was cost-prohibitive,
    especially since we only needed about 12 POE ports,
    plus maybe a few more for future expansion.

    Zyxel's GS1900-48HP was the perfect solution for us.

    Offering 24 regular Gigabit ports, and 24 POE Gigabit ports,
    it gave us plenty of room for expansion.

    Further, its VLAN, LAG, and Auto-voice-VLAN functionality
    was exactly what we needed.


    The most recent Zyxel purchase was a pair of
    PLA6456 powerline units for home.

    While the web interface for the devices isn't the most intuitive,
    it has been giving me between 550-650 Mbps speeds,
    which, in my environment, is pretty good.


    In summary, I found Zyxel products to meet or exceed my expectations
    for both cost and features, both at home, and in a mid-sized business environment.

  • ennisdavisennisdavis Posts: 3  Junior Member
    Ok, I am rational and thinking now. Yes Zyxel SUCKS and I hope they go out of business. Poor and non existent support, products are lousy and dont work. Thats the truth, no sugar coatings.
    Look at the number of responses to my questions. 
  • bezbotabezbota Posts: 5  Junior Member
    edited August 8
    I have a Zyxel NAS. I have to admit that this NAS has less features than Synology, Zyxel definitelly has not so fancy software, but I don't need it anyway. I'm not going to pay 3x or 4x for Synology just to have many features that I don't actually need. Samba sharing works perfectly, this is what I expected and therefore I have no reason to be disappointed.

    Zyxel NAS has all features I need therefore I am happy to have Zyxel NAS with much more reasonable price tag. 
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