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NBG-419N v2 Not Booting

xTufaoxTufao Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited July 17 in Discussions
I've been using this router model for a few years now, but suddenly it stopped serving internet, the connection to the router is always going on and off and i can't reset it. When i power it on, it seems to be booting but then flashes all leds and shuts off, leaving that on and off connection state.
Could i get some feedback? Thanks.



  • KevinZEKevinZE Posts: 26  Junior Member
    I think that might be a hardware issue, and this model seems really old. You should consider to get a new Router instead. 
  • xTufaoxTufao Posts: 2  Junior Member
    You're probably right, it's a bit sad, i'm not using it anymore but i had in mind some projects i could use it for. Guess it has served it's purpose. Hey at least i can utilize it's 12V adapter to other projects!
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