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Zyxel8825-T50 extremely slow USB network

SydneySydney Posts: 8  Junior Member
Ever since I have the Zyxel8825-T50 my internet itself runs smoothly on 100Mb/s. No wonder since I own one of the fastest configuration at this moment available. No worries there.

I have this modem because of its possibilities to run an USB hard drive or flash drive to have my own home network. It arrived two months ago, so it should be loaded with the latest firmware, I guess.

What a disappointment that I can't get beyond 500 Kb/sec (yes, Kb) file transfer, not to mention that it even halts after a few seconds.

So obviously playing music (let alone a video) from my USB isn't working. It stutters all the time.

Every tip I could possibly find on the internet cannot solve this issue.

So what is wrong with this Zyxel modem?


  • HummelHummel Posts: 168  Warrior Member
    edited July 7
    What is the current firmware version you are using?
    Can you show us some screenshots to see your test results?
  • SydneySydney Posts: 8  Junior Member
    edited July 7
    Hi Hummel,

    The Firmware-version is V5.50(ABPY.1)b11.

    I'm not sure what kind of test results you mean. But hopefully this will clarify.

    I have included a screenshot of such a typical "file transfer" from the network plugged in USB drive at\usb1_sda1 to my Intel i9 9700KF desktop. My other desktop (an i7) has the same. So also here no slow computer, that may cause any issues.

    It's a 6Mb mp3 and you can see the speed is dramatically low.

    What I forgot to mention is that also my 4K Chromecast (Android phone to TV) has similar issues. While on the phone the stream is flawlessly, the Chromecast occasionally "stutters." I'm quite sure this is related to the same problem.

    I run both my desktops through a Cat6 cable, not even Wifi. Obviously I use Wifi for my phone.

    I live in the Netherlands.

    I hope you can "tackle" this problem.

    Best wishes,

  • SydneySydney Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Is there a difference between the VMG8825-T50 and VMG8825-T50K e.g. in terms of firmware.

    My VMG8825-T50 seems to have - according to the data - a very different firmware than the "K" version.

    Could it be possible, that my VMG8825-T50 has been loaded with the wrong firmware?

  • HummelHummel Posts: 168  Warrior Member
    As I know the firmware you are using is a customized firmware of VMG8825-T50K for TMNL. VMG8825-T50 is VMG8825-T50K.
  • SydneySydney Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Thanks for the info, Hummel.

    I mentioned this firmware controversy to customer service of T-Mobile; someone will come and check in  another week. Hopefully it will be sorted out.

  • HummelHummel Posts: 168  Warrior Member
    Have you tried it with another USB flash?
    In my experience, the speed of the USB port should not be so slow.
    I don't know what's wrong. Maybe a factory reset can resolve your problem or contact with your ISP.
  • SydneySydney Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Yes, Hummel. Even a brand new 128Gb 3.0 didn't do the trick.
    Also my Chromecast doesn't stream as smoothly as my phone.

    But you have mentioned already "customized firmware" with T-Mobile. So maybe there is something wrong.

    On the other hand, am I the only one with this complaint?...

  • HummelHummel Posts: 168  Warrior Member
    edited July 15
    I got the same device with the same firmware as yours.
    In my test, it seems no problem. The speed is pretty fast and I tried many times to finally capture this screenshot.

  • SydneySydney Posts: 8  Junior Member

    If your firmware is the same, then in that case it seems to be a hardware issue.
    Well, Monday it will all be sorted out. Maybe they'll install a new modem....

  • SydneySydney Posts: 8  Junior Member
    SOLVED it myself eventually. For some reason the WPS button on the back has to be activated by keeping it pressed for over a second.

    It didn't tell in the installation process.

    Now I can copy around 8Mb/s.
  • SydneySydney Posts: 8  Junior Member
    edited July 22
    Thanx for all the support, Hummel!
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