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Multy X connection issues

FVM427FVM427 Posts: 3  Junior Member
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I have several devices connected to my Multy X on which I receive "No internet, secured" messages although the devices already connected to the SSID before.
Moreover, when I connect these devices to the guest SSID on the Multy X, they connect without an issue.

Already restarted both the Multy X and the devices but this did not resolve the issue.

When I connect the devices to another SSID on another router, they connect without an issue.

Any ideas on how to troubleshoot this ?



  • Zyxel_EricZyxel_Eric Posts: 267  Zyxel Moderator
    Dear Sir,

    1. Please try to clear the wifi cache on your phone, and connect it again.
    2. What is the model of the phone?
    3. Does it happen on all the wireless devices? How about the wired devices?
    4. Does it happened everytime you connect to the Main SSID
    5. Please send feedback from your Multy App, we can check the log to analyze your issue.

    Best Regards,
  • Baloo247Baloo247 Posts: 14  Junior Member
    I'm experiencing similar issues, and it's only since I installed my third unit. I have to reboot the unit and then everything sorts itself out. 

    Topology is: 

    Parent > Unit 1 > unit 2 - windows10 

    My  win10 laptop is connected to Unit 2, which is daisy chained via unit 1, and it keeps dropping off. Also my phone etc all connected to unit 2 experience the same issue. 
  • Zyxel_EricZyxel_Eric Posts: 267  Zyxel Moderator
    edited September 2
    Hi @Baloo247 ,

    Did the third node ever glow red LED?
    Seems the connection on the third node has some issue.
    1. Please check the Daisy Chain option on your Multy App >> Settings >> Advanced Settings, make sure it is on.
    2. Run the Diagnose on your Multy App, and test on the part of Root to the third node.
    3. Please send feedback from your Multy App, we can analyze your log to clarify your issue.

    Best Regards,

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