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Help with NAS326

kcbass1kcbass1 Posts: 6  Junior Member
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Hi All,  I'm using a NAS326 as a movie/music server.  What it does to some of my movies is change the file name to "EVO".  Does anyone have this same problem and did you do about it.  If I access the file from my pc they are correctly named but from my Samsung tv, EVO.



  • JohanJohan Posts: 27  Junior Member
    I have not heard of anything like it before. Are you sure it is not your TV that does it? Considering EVO is in its name?
  • kcbass1kcbass1 Posts: 6  Junior Member
    Hi Johan.  Thanks for your reply.  The reason I don't think it's the television is when I plug in the old USB hard drive that most of the "EVO" movies came from it doesn't do it.  The file names stay proper.
    P.S. The tv name isn't named EVO, the movies on the NAS326 names get changed to EVO.  Example, A movie tittled "Superman" would show up named "EVO".  And according to wikipedia... Enhanced Video Object, also known as Enhanced VOB or EVO, is a container format for HD DVD video media. It contains the actual digital videodigital audiosubtitle and DVD menu contents in stream form. It is an extension to VOB. It can contain video encoded in H.264/MPEG-4 AVCVC-1, or H.262/MPEG-2 Part 2 and audio encoded in AC-3E-AC-3Dolby TrueHDDTSDTS-HDPCM, and MPEG-2 Part 3.

    There are a few consumer software solutions that can play EVO files, such as PowerDVDWinDVD for Windows and FFmpeg for Linux (unprotected EVO only), and the cross platform VLC Player.

  • kcbass1kcbass1 Posts: 6  Junior Member
  • IjnrsiIjnrsi Posts: 254  Advanced Warrior Member
    Hi @kcbass1
    It is really strange as I never heard about that, and search Google, but without any information about Twonky and Samsung TV changes name as EVO..
    What is the model of Samsung TV and original format of the wrong name file?

  • Why don't you try using another application to watch movies on your Samsung TV
  • HubertRadleyHubertRadley Posts: 1
    edited November 17
    Thanks to this topic of you, I am using a Samsung smart TV, I found the problem for the problem I am having.
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