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VMG3925-B10B Firmware update

capsndavecapsndave Posts: 4  Junior Member
I would like to update the firmware on my VMG3925-B10B router. I followed the instructions however the Firmware selection in the Maintenance menu is just not there in the list.  What's going on?


  • HummelHummel Posts: 144  Warrior Member
    Can you take a screenshot to show why you can't find the way to upgrade the firmware? The firmware upgrade page should be at Maintenance > Firmware Upgrade.
    You should download the firmware first from Zyxel's FTP. Unzip the zip file and select the .bin file to upgrade. Please make sure the firmware ID is the same, otherwise, it won't allow you to upgrade firmware. The latest version I can see is 5.13(AAVF.13)C0.

  • capsndavecapsndave Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Hi Many thanks for your response.  That the firmware I downloaded intending to upload to the router. It seems a little crazy but the firmware option is missing from the list as per the image attached.  - Hope you can make it out.
  • HummelHummel Posts: 144  Warrior Member
    What user account do you use to log in? Have you tried admin account?
  • capsndavecapsndave Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Btw. My current firmware version is V5.11(AAVF.3)C0 
  • HummelHummel Posts: 144  Warrior Member
    Do you log in WebGUI with admin account?

  • capsndavecapsndave Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Thanks Hummel.  That's a good point.  The're are 2 accounts on the router 'user' and 'admin'.  That might be the root of my problem.  B/w D
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