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Carrier Aggregation ethernet LTE 4506

ayassinoayassino Posts: 2  Junior Member
I have a LTE 4506 router, when I use ethernet port carrier aggregation is almost never activated, when I use the integrated wifi there are no problems. Why? Are there any solutions?
Thanks so much!


  • MiaMia Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Hi ayassino , LTE4506 CA could be activated no matter Ethernet port or WiFi. You can run www.speedtest.net via wired and wireless to see if CA be activated that you will see the GUI up left 4G icon become 4G+ 
  • ayassinoayassino Posts: 2  Junior Member
    Hi @Mia, thank you so much for the reply. 
    The first times I used it when I did a speed test it always went to CA, now it goes randomly, sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn't. Should I try to reset? 
    It is not a problem related to the telephone operator because it works on the smartphone.

    Thanks so much!
  • MiaMia Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Hi ayassino , when user equipment reach enough downstream traffic whether activate CA its depend on provider network current situation. LTE router is a negative role it can't do anything for CA activated. So reset LTE router might not help. You can check LTE4506 GUI the signal level(Internet>Internet Status>Signal Level) if weak or not, then place LTE4506 to the good signal location to see if improve the problem.
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