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VMG8825-T50 Firewall rules not working

mtnmtn Posts: 5  Junior Member
Firewall ACL rules do not work. Endpoint is still available. What Am I doing wrong?


  • HummelHummel Posts: 144  Warrior Member
    edited May 4
    Can you describe it in detail? What do you mean "Endpoint is still available"?
    According to your rule, it seems like you want to block the LAN side IP to access the WAN side 13.224.67.x subnet.
    What is the real purpose for this firewall rule?
  • mtnmtn Posts: 5  Junior Member
    @Hummel. I simply want to block outgoing traffic to a block of IP addresses.
  • HummelHummel Posts: 144  Warrior Member
    I ran a test to set the firewall to High without creating any rule and then I can't ping immediately.
    Instead, when I set it to Medium, I can ping correctly.
    Can you share your test steps? How do you verify that the Endpoint is still available?
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