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Windows 10 LAN Connect Problem EMG6726-B10A

TTommyTTommy Posts: 1
edited March 24 in Questions
I've not been able to activate a LAN connection with my Inspiron 1545 which is on Windows 10.  I've gone round and round with all the Microsoft recommendations as well as many others.  When I use the ipconfig /renew I get an indication there is a problem with DHCP.  I checked the router and DHCP is enabled.  Has anyone else had that problem?  Thanks



  • BrazilKingBrazilKing Posts: 3  Junior Member
    Hi TTommy,

    Have you tried different LAN ports?
    When you connect to LAN port, do corresponding LAN LED in front panel blinks?
    If the LED doesn't blink, probably LAN port have problem.
    If it is blinks, could you share Network Setting -> Home Networking screen to see what happen?


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