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Checking HDD SMART data with a NAS326?

Tobias ClarenTobias Claren Posts: 2  Junior Member
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Is it possible to check and observe the SMART informations of the harddiscs (bad sectors etc.) in a NAS326? Perhaps with a log. To show and save every change (new bad sector etc.).
If the counter is rising, i will call the seller of the used HDD.

And is there a automatic alarm, if a HDD in a RAID 1 does not work?
Without alarm, i can not change the defective hdd. And when the second HDD is defect, all data are lost.



  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,073  Heroic Warrior Member
    The 'normal' smartctl tool is available. To see the smart values execute (as root)

    smartctl -a /dev/sda
    smartctl -a /dev/sdb

    If you want to monitor some specific value, you'll have to write a script for that.

    AFAIK the NAS has an automatic alarm when the array get degraded, and maybe also when SMART tells the disk is in danger. But I haven't experienced them.

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