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No signal detected on node 2 during “Location check” - what to do?

TCordthTCordth Posts: 1
edited February 17 in Questions
I have installed node 1 of a Zyxel Multy U succesfully. When I add node 2 i get the following issue. I get all the way to the step where node 1 and 2 are synced, but when i get to the “Check location” step it never detects a signal and i am not able to finish the installation. I have tried with factory reset but I always get stucked in
this step. I have also tried to move the two nodes close to each other without any luck. Have any of you experienced this problem and what is the solution?



  • PeterKPeterK Posts: 25  Junior Member
    Have you tried to switch the primary Multy and second Multy?
    You can install the second Multy as the Primary Multy, then add the other Multy.
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