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NAS326 with Windows 10

mrmasonmrmason Posts: 1
edited February 15 in Questions
I'm unable to access any of my shares on my NAS326 using Windows 10. I can access all shares via my phone with no issues but I get an access denied even with the admin account when attempting to access the NAS



  • MihawkMihawk Posts: 103  Warrior Member
    Can you share the screenshots about the error message when cannot access NAS326 via Windows 10? And how do you access NAS326 with Windows 10?

    Does Windows 10 device able to access the web interface of NAS326?
  • KunziteKunzite Posts: 7  Junior Member
    When do you get access denied? If you want open a folder in NAS, which is restricted to an admin you must use a password (only ones). You must look at Privilege and Sharing in Control Panel of NAS and set users access to folders. 
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