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NAS 326 Lost Connection

SgritSgrit Posts: 1
edited February 15 in Questions
I always have been using my NAS 326 with a ethernet cable connection.

From today when I connect, after a few minutes I loose connection with my NAS.

I current use OSX Mojave 10.14.6.

Any idea of the problem ??

Thank you so much for support



  • EdwardcEdwardc Posts: 46  Junior Member
    Do you try to reboot NAS326?

    How do you connect to NAS326? What is the network topology?
    Does macOS device directly connect to NAS326 or both devices are connected to the router?

  • dompiedompie Posts: 1
    I have also the same Problem, but with Windows10. But it does not take a few minutes always. Sometimes it disconnects after some hours, sometimes after some minutes.
    This is especially annoying during Backups that need a relyable connection. The System freezes completely and although I can reconnect in windows explorer, the system will hang and freeze a short time after. I have to reboot the system and start from the beginning.
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