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Twonky configuration on read-only diskpart

WhizNickWhizNick Posts: 1
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I want to change the view-definitions.xml file of Twonky media server, which I could in the past. However after the latest firmware upgrade or because of a new install after a disk upgrade, it's on a read-only file system. Direct editing or copying back and forth is not allowed now. How can I make it read/write or in another way configure Twonky?



  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,022  Heroic Warrior Member
    You have 2 options. You can bindmount a writable file on that file:
    mount --bind /path/to/rw-location/view-definitions.xml /path/to/ro-location/view-definitions.xml
    A problem here is that, I think, you'll have to restart twonky to get it read. Maybe sending a HUP signal will do.

    Or you can remount the ro partition readwrite.
    mount -o remount,rw /firmware/mnt/sysdisk
    touch /firmware/mnt/sysdisk/mount.sda1.rw.flag
    After a reboot the /usr/ tree will be rw. This will last until you remove the mount.sda1.rw.flag file and reboot. You must remove the file before attempting a firmware update, as it blocks proper update.
    A problem could be that the read-onlyness of the /usr tree can hide bugs. I think the major part of the ZyXEL specific files in /usr/ are not really tested on an rw filesystem.

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