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AMG1302-T11C Homesharing

WYorksPeteWYorksPete Posts: 4  Junior Member
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Since having the Post Office Broadband and the Zyxel AMG1302-T11C my Apple devices don't connect. Having been through everything with Apple we've narrowed it down to Port 5353 which isn't 'open' on the router. Does anyone have a simple way of changing this so I can use not only Homesharing but also Bonjour neither of which work. Many thanks.


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  • WYorksPeteWYorksPete Posts: 4  Junior Member
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    Sorry, meant to say, thanks for the suggestion.
  • WYorksPeteWYorksPete Posts: 4  Junior Member
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    skoob, You're a true genius. I changed the config as suggested and the unplugged everything, restarted and now have my music playing through the TV sound system. Wonderful. Thanks again.


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