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VMG 3925 B10B 6to4 tunnel

BangerBanger Posts: 5  Junior Member
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Is it possible to set up a 6to4 tunnel on the VMG3925 with the latest firmware? If so how?



  • skoobskoob Posts: 26  Junior Member
    Hi @Banger,

    while I did not find 6-to-4 explicitely, maybe 6RD is what you are looking for?

    Page 104: ftp://ftp.zyxel.eu/VMG3925-B10B/user_guide/VMG3925-B10B_V5.13.pdf

  • BangerBanger Posts: 5  Junior Member
    @skoob Unfortunately not 6RD is a different beast. I had a quick skim of that manual before asking but it looks like it's not possible.
  • BangerBanger Posts: 5  Junior Member
    Now my router is bricked after downgrading the firmware to 3 c0 as 5ghz is unstable with the latest
  • HummelHummel Posts: 90  Warrior Member
    It is suggested to contact local support for help if your device is bricked after firmware upgrade.
  • BangerBanger Posts: 5  Junior Member
    Could you be a bit more specific where local support is do you mean ZyXel EU?
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