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CPU usare 100% in Nsa325v2

Tomcor75Tomcor75 Posts: 2  Junior Member
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Sorry for my trouble english. I’ve a NSA325-v2 whit the last firmware. The cpu is always at 100% (Python at 100%). The cpu goes at low rate only if i disable the multimedia server. Is there a way to enable the multimedia server without having the cpu at 100%? I real that have ti disable the thumbnail creation. How can i disable it with this firmware? Thank you


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  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,073  Heroic Warrior Member
    Accepted Answer
    I wrote a package 'Tweaks' which can (among other goodies) disable some firmware scripts/daemons.

    To install it you first have to install MetaRepository, for which you can find instructions here. Scroll to the end.


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