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Why don't my HDD's show?

BilzoBilzo Posts: 1
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I just got my NAS326. The Quick Start Guide and web procedures don't match what happens.  I turn on power with the HDD's in place and ethernet connected. I have the browser page open and push the Connect button after the beep. 5 minutes goes by and nothing happens. When I check Windows Explorer, the NAS is there, but no HDD's.
The HDD's were formerly in a computer, one is 500 GB. one is 1 TB. After the first failure, I thought maybe they needed formatting.  I did this, but same failure.
User Manual is no help.
USB's are acknowledged and accessible!




  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,073  Heroic Warrior Member
    Can you enable the ssh server in Control Panel->Terminal, login over ssh, and post the output of


    This will show the kernel (boot) log. Maybe it tells something about the sata bus/disks.
  • skoobskoob Posts: 26  Junior Member
    Hello @Bilzo,

    make sure to use drives which are supported:

    You mentioned the drives were in a computer before. Make it makes sense to overwrite the first bytes including the partition table. Then the drives might look like fresh disks for the NAS.

    Make sure to backup data on the drives before doing so.

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