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NSA310S: replace HDD with SSD

EverlastEverlast Posts: 2  Junior Member
edited January 21 in Questions
I got a NSA310S with one 1TB HDD and would like to replace that disk with a SSD.

Can the HDD content be cloned somehow to the SSD so that I don't need to reconfigure the NAS when installing the new disk?




  • eozrocwdeozrocwd Posts: 45  Junior Member
    A new disk, NSA310S may not recognize it due to file system.
    And not sure NSA310S can support SSD.

    Hopes somebody has the experience.
  • EverlastEverlast Posts: 2  Junior Member
    Thank you, eozrocwd.

    Concerned by your statement ...
    >>And not sure NSA310S can support SSD.
    ... I found this page ...
    ... saying about NSA310S: 
    SSD support: no
    So I give up this idea, saving time and money.
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