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Cannot connect Roborock S55 to LTE4506-M606

AdronalinAdronalin Posts: 1
edited January 20 in Questions

recently I use the LTE4506-M606. My Roborock S55 cannot connect to this network.
If i try to install the vacuumer it said the connection timed out

It can connet to my old LTE router and a Fritzbox DSL router.

I have the latest Firmware on the vacuumer and router.
All ports are open and firewall settings are default.

Maybe someone can help





  • HikariHikari Posts: 83  Warrior Member
    Hi Sir
    You mean your Roborock S55 cannot connect to Wi-Fi right? May I ask if you set LTE4506 Wi-Fi connection no need password, will issue still happen? This action used to check if the problem occurred during authentication check progress. Thank you.
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