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Not getting optimal speed from Multy X

King_NothingKing_Nothing Posts: 8  Junior Member
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I have an 500/500 connection in my house and I use the 5 gHz-network. When I`m close to the main router, I get 500/500 with no problem, but in my office, I get 350/300 at max. The office is about 10m away from the second router. My house has a size of 190 square meter, and this system is said to give good speeds up to 460+ square meters.

Both of the routers are placed approx in the middle of the house (the design is a long horizontal house, two floors) in each floor. I have used the app when placing them and got told that the position is optimal for best performance.

Where would be natural to troubleshoot next?



  • Zyxel_EricZyxel_Eric Posts: 128  Zyxel Moderator
    edited January 17
    Dear Sir,
    Can you provide the screenshot of the Diagnose result on Multy App?

    WiFi has two different frequencies, 2.4G and 5G.
    5GHz provides faster data rates at a shorter distance.
    2.4GHz offers coverage for farther distances but may perform at slower speeds.

    The backhaul connection between Multy is by 5G, and 5G is very easy to get affect by the distance and obstacles. If there is a wall of obstacle between two Multys, the distance will narrow down a bit, otherwise, the second Multy may get affected.
  • King_NothingKing_Nothing Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Here you see it.
  • Zyxel_EricZyxel_Eric Posts: 128  Zyxel Moderator
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    Dear Sir,
    According to your Diagnose result, the performance on the second Multy is close to 500m which means the second Multy does get almost 100% of the throughput.
    Because the 5G connection will get affect by wall and distance easily, that's why you can only get 350m with 10m distance and in the office.
    What if your phone close(1 or 2m) to the sconed Multy will the speed get what you expected?

  • King_NothingKing_Nothing Posts: 8  Junior Member
    edited January 17
    I have moved the second to a more open place now. And I have 6m from office to second. Shouldn`t this be able to give me full speed?

    With my phone close to the second I get 450/450.

    I have under half the size of the house that you say will give good speeds, so I really thought this would give 500/500 also in my office?
  • King_NothingKing_Nothing Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Here you can see the current setup with one router in the hall.

    Then, I`m thinking about getting a third router. Then I can have one upstairs, one in my office (cable to computer) one in bedroom 2 with cable through the wall and into bedroom 3.

    Would this give me a better experience?
  • Zyxel_EricZyxel_Eric Posts: 128  Zyxel Moderator
    Dear Sir,

    You can get wider coverage of wifi signal with the third Multy.
    However, the location of Multy may get affected by the wall and the ceiling, The backhaul connection on Multy is with 5G, and 5G signal strength will reduce when through each walls.
    Due to those locations are inside the room and the wifi performance will get affect by each walls.

    Multy is able to provide 100% speed rate to the second node with an optimal distance, but you will have to include the interference in the environment, and it may cause the speed rate drop.
    That interference maybe the wall, ceiling, the signal from other AP or the electronic product.

    The performance with 450/450 on the second node is really good, consider the backhaul signal is from the upstairs. If you want to have a better performance the Ethernet backhaul can be a good solution for you.

    You can connect each Multy with Ethernet cable, and it will provide much better performance than the wireless backhaul connection.
    Please refer to the link for Ethernet Backhaul connection.
  • King_NothingKing_Nothing Posts: 8  Junior Member
    I did some more testing today. On the first image, I stood 1m away from my main router, on the second I moved 10m away from it, but still with no wall between.

    It cannot be supposed to drop this much speed on just 10m?

    I have had multiple routers on 5 gHz in the past, and they have never lost speed like this.

  • PeterKPeterK Posts: 25  Junior Member
    edited February 5
    As I know, the Multy only has 2 antennas to provide the 5G as wifi, and 4 antennas of 5G are for the backhaul connection between each node.
    In my case, I got 130M when I close to main Multy, and got 40M when I was 10m away from Multy, all of the tests were on 5G wifi and on iPhone X.
    But I'm very satisfied the mesh backhaul performance on Multys, it provides very good performance on the second node, I can get almost 130m when I around the second node which is 10m away from the primary one.

    What is the 5G router that you use before?
  • King_NothingKing_Nothing Posts: 8  Junior Member
    I used Asus RT-AC68U in my previous house. This was a little smaller than the one I currently live it, but still; this was only one router and it provided a good speed through the whole house.

    With mesh I thought it would be at least just as good, if not even better, but that`s not the case at all...

  • PeterKPeterK Posts: 25  Junior Member
    edited February 5

    The  RT-AC68U and Multy do have a different spec.
    Asus can provide 1300Mpbs on the 5G connection, but the Multy only provides 866Mpbs.
    Multy is good on its Mesh connection tech, and it can extend the wifi coverage for your house with the second node or more.

    I found a KB from Zyxel, and they do provide the more powerful wifi for devices, 5G high, and that can provide 1733Mbps for devices but it is only available when it is on a single unit.
  • King_NothingKing_Nothing Posts: 8  Junior Member
    But still, my connection is 500/500, so I would think that it is enough with 855?

    I find it very strange if I have to have three router from Zyxel to do the same job that Asus did with one...
  • PeterKPeterK Posts: 25  Junior Member
    That isn't correct, even the spec is 1300M or 866M, the performance will reduce by the environment, and the sign coverage and performance will also relate to the power output and the number of antennas that the AP provides, that's why you can get better performance on Asus.
    Multy does provide a better Date rate than Asus on its dedicated backhaul, but they use it on the Mesh Backhaul, that's the whole point of this product.
    Multy provides a powerful backhaul connection to the satellite Multy, that's why the satellites can also have a good performance without any wire connection. With more nodes, it will provide much wider wifi coverage than the Asus.

  • King_NothingKing_Nothing Posts: 8  Junior Member
    I guess I just have to live with it, but next time I`ll check into Asus or another company. I could get a pretty good router for the money I spent on three Multy`s, and probably have better speeds with just one router than I get with three now.

    I understand that I loose speed through walls and that the majority of the antennas are used to communicate with oterh Multy`s, but still, a drop from 500mbit to 150mbit in just 10m apart is pretty severe...
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