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Can't connect to NAS326

BogdanMASBogdanMAS Posts: 3  Junior Member
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I install it according to the user manual and i want to connect to ZyXEL Drive, but i have an issue.
After i log in "My own NAS" appear with Persmision Denied.

what to do?



  • lodiabailodiabai Posts: 94  Warrior Member
    Can you share the screenshots and steps to check your problem?
  • BogdanMASBogdanMAS Posts: 3  Junior Member

  • BogdanMASBogdanMAS Posts: 3  Junior Member
    And I have another issue
    I want to connet via URL masterarchives.zyxel.me:8000
    I login with my credentials, after that I want to go to File Broswer, but an error appear. I attached a screenshot.
  • lodiabailodiabai Posts: 94  Warrior Member
    edited January 17
    Checked by mine, ZyXEL Drive works properly.

    For Permission Denied, do you ever change any default access right of Users/Groups/Shared Folders? If you're not sure, I recommend that reset NAS326 and check it again with default setting.

    For remote access URL via browser, which user account you used? admin or normal user account?
    You need to make sure that account has access right of that Shared Folders. From the screenshot, it seems that account hasn't access right.

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