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NAS 320S + New Router (Netgear Nighthawk X6S) : NAS won't connect/seen on network

Stilllife_22Stilllife_22 Posts: 4  Junior Member
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having an issue with my new router + NAS. My ISP Router (Virgin media Hub 3) found my NAS no problem, the issue is my hub is pants and I am unable to get decent wifi. Bought a seperate router, updated the Hub 3  to modem mode and connected everything to my new Router to run the wifi and connected devices.

The NAS is no longer seen/mapped when connected via the new router. Connecting the NAS to my PC directly shows me it all still works and have no issues connecting, the issue here is the router. From what I understand (very limited I will admit) is my Hub 3 connects on 192.168.0.xx and my new router is 192.168.1.xx, I thought it may be a simple case of connecting directly to the hub, going in to the admin settings and changing the IP address from the 192.168.0.xx > 192.168.1.xx but unfortuantely that didn't work.

I've even gone so far as to hold down the reset button to reset it back to default (my understanding is that only the settings are reset, all data remains so have no issue there), in the hopes that a fresh restart would then have it link up to the router - no go.

If anyone can help me with this I'd be I'd be eternally greatful.




  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,073  Heroic Warrior Member
    If you look in the webinterface of the router, can you find your NAS as attached device?
  • Stilllife_22Stilllife_22 Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Hi there Mijzelf,

    no, it is not showing up under my attached devices. Only one wired device, my main pc.

  • MelMel Posts: 71  Warrior Member
    Connecting the NAS to my PC directly shows me it all still works and have no issues connecting
    How do you access NSA320S? Which IP you input to access?
    Does your NSA320S set a static IP? Can you share some screenshots?
  • Stilllife_22Stilllife_22 Posts: 4  Junior Member
    Hi, when connecting the network cable from the NAS in to the back of my PC it finds it via the seeker app. I am able to connect to it and all works fine.

    screenshot (taken tonight so still can connect) of the TCP info.

  • MelMel Posts: 71  Warrior Member
    edited January 17
    What is the current topology?

    Netgear Nighthawk X6S --- [Ethernet Cable] --- PC and NSA320S
    If you set NSA320S as static IP: 192.168.1.X, does PC able to access it when all device in the same network? Otherwise, you may need to reset NSA320S to see if any improvement.
  • Stilllife_22Stilllife_22 Posts: 4  Junior Member
    HI, yes that is the topology. I've tried the setup as you recommended as well as a full reset of the NAS (pressed down reset button for a full reset whilst maintaining the data). No luck, really amiss here - I am not sure if there is an issue with this router and the specific NAS?
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,073  Heroic Warrior Member
    Does the new router has LED's which inform about connected ports? Do they light up when you connect the NAS? How about the ethernet LED next to the ethernet port of the NAS?

    Do you have a switch which you can put in between?
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