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WSR30 Bluetooth

trudyhiggytrudyhiggy Posts: 2  Junior Member
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I have seen this seems to be a big problem of trying to add a multi but not being able to connect to Bluetooth! Trouble is I can’t seem to find a solution other than find another phone! Please does anyone know how to solve this problem



  • DexterDexter Posts: 37  Junior Member
    Can you share the model name and O.S. version of your mobile phone?

    Do you mean that you cannot add 2nd node, but 1st node without problem?
    You can try to switch two nodes, then install them again. (Reset all nodes, original root node changed as extender node and original extender node changed as root node.)
  • trudyhiggytrudyhiggy Posts: 2  Junior Member
    My phone is iPhone 8. I have 3 multi they were all connected but 3rd one went wrong so I reset it and now trying to add it back on again it won’t connect to Bluetooth, thank you for replying 
  • skoobskoob Posts: 26  Junior Member
    Hello @trudyhiggy,

    the iPhone 8 has Bluetooth 5.0 which should be fine.
    Please check if your Multy has the correct LED status for bluetooth (blue blinking).

    Does that help?

  • DexterDexter Posts: 37  Junior Member

    So, installed 1st and 2nd Multy U devices without any problem, only 3rd Multy U device cannot add? Do you try to reboot your iPhone 8? Or try to off/on Bluetooth of your iPhone 8? Or have another mobile phone can use for installation?

    And may I know does 3rd Multy U device work when installed it as primary node in new side?
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