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Zyxel NAS326 Beeping

siriusdaysiriusday Posts: 5  Junior Member
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My NAS 326 is beeping. The firmware is the latest. 
  1. I took the hard drives out and put them back in and it still beeps.
  2. I reset the unit but it does not seem like it can be reset.
  3. I took the hard drives out and turned the unit on and it DOES NOT beep.
  4. I tried to recover the data by using the Sabrent docking station and the drive is not accessible. It seems like the information is gone and the drives are not formatted. As you can see by the pictures below disks do show up, but the disk that I took out of the NAS has no file system. 

I really need to not lose that information. 

Can someone help me out? 



  • siriusdaysiriusday Posts: 5  Junior Member
    I am now trying to recover the data on the disk using Disk Drill. It seems to be finding alot but there is a long way to go. There was about 750GB of data on that disk and the Disk Drill so far has found 170 GB of data. 
  • MijzelfMijzelf Posts: 1,259  Paragon Member
    the disk that I took out of the NAS has no file system.
    Correction: It has no filesystem which is recognized by Windows. A 326 uses ext4, which indeed is not supported.
    Moreover, the filesystem is inside a raidcontainer, which is also not supported by Windows.

    How was your NAS organized? Beeping suggests that a RAID array was degraded, and indeed the beeping will stop in that case if you remove the disks.

    When you connect the disk to a Linux system, for instance your PC booted from a Ubuntu Live thumb drive, odds are that it's automagically mounted.
  • siriusdaysiriusday Posts: 5  Junior Member
    None of the disks mounted with Ubuntu. But i have the NAS up and running and have to go thought 750 MB of data.  :(
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