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Authentication and SSL problem with USG20

Jackal7xJackal7x Posts: 3  Junior Member
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Hello, i've an USG20 and i noticed theese problems:
I've 2 LAN, cable separated, 1st is and 2nd is
In the 1st LAN i've same internal Website in https, same of them has self-signed certificate. If is reach them standing on the same LAN i've no problem to reach and log-on into them, if i come from 2nd LAN it's impossible for any browser validate security process and cannot neither reach the login page. I suppose that this happens becouse from LAN 1 to LAN 2 i've to pass through the firewall and something is blocking SSL or partial filtering it. I've checked everything but no solution at the moment. In the Security Policies both LAN can comunicate with all protocols and "any" everywhere, if i put pc with problem in the same LAN the problem disappear. Thank for helping



  • BlabababaBlabababa Posts: 41  Junior Member
    Only the https service (portal?) has accessing problem or all the services cross different LANs will be blocked?
    What's your firmware version and what if you turn off all the firewall functions? Will the web service work fine when crossing different LANs?
  • Jackal7xJackal7x Posts: 3  Junior Member
    Hello, yes HTTPs, i've to stay on the same LAN if i need to reach and logon on my https page. For example Plex, it's set for using HTTPS and it's forced with HSTS, in the same LAN i can reach and no problems, reaching it from a differen LAN i get HSTS error.
  • Jackal7xJackal7x Posts: 3  Junior Member
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