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My Multy X reports strange IP adresses, or no addresses - known problem?

w8rn8rw8rn8r Posts: 8  Junior Member
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Hi - my home network is running fine. One subnet with a few couple of devices connected via LAN, others via WLAN. The Multy app shows a number of connected devices. That number looks about right, but the IP adresses of some of these are reported to be in a different subnet, unknown to me. For a few other devices, no IP address is reported.
Is that a known problem?
Is a solution under way? I so, what's the ETA?



  • Zyxel_EricZyxel_Eric Posts: 241  Zyxel Moderator
    Hi @w8rn8r,
    1.Can you share the screenshot of Multy App which relates to your issue? such as the device which has different subnet, no IP devices, the Parental Control list.
    2. What is the different subnet? Was it 192.168.141.X? This subnet is for the guess wifi.
    3. If there is a device which without an IP, please refresh the page or wait for few seconds, the device should able to show the IP of this device.

  • w8rn8rw8rn8r Posts: 8  Junior Member
    edited December 2019
    The "foreign" IP addresses are in the 192.168.212 subnet. They function just fine, though their control app shows them with "external" IP addresses that don't match my router's external IP address. On the other hand, my router shows these devices as connected and active with a "normal" IP address, i.e. in the router's subnet.

    Here's a screen shot of a device with a "foreign" IP address:

    For the "no IP" devices, waiting a few seconds didn't help; no changes:

    The parental control list:

    Thanks very much for your help!
  • Zyxel_EricZyxel_Eric Posts: 241  Zyxel Moderator
    Dear @w8rn8r,

    1. Please share your Network Topology.
    192.168.212.X isn't a "foreign" IP subnet, it's the default IP subnet for Multy.
    Every device connected to Multy will get the IP with this subnet.
    You can check the IP on the Detail of Primary Multy.
    If you want those devices connected to Multy to get the "normal" IP, you will have to switch your Multy to Bridge Mode, and those devices will get the IP directly from the router, please refer to the link to switch the operation mode.

    2. Regarding the "no" IP device,
        1) Can you provide the model of this device?
        2) Are there other devices without IP in the device info?
        3) If the device is online, will the IP appear on its device information?

    Best Regards,

  • w8rn8rw8rn8r Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Dear @Zyxel_Eric,

    my primary Multy is and needs to be in bridge mode, and has been from the start. Its IP in not in that 212 subnet; it is in my router's subnet. And things are actually operating just fine, except for these IP addresses reported in the parental control list.

    So I suspect I'm seeing a bug where the non-bridge mode is "shining thru".
    The "no IP" issue could be related to this, I'm thinking.

    I just did a reboot of the primary Multy; as I result, I still have these two issues with some devices reported in the 212 subnet and others with no IP; in addition, I now see one Android device reported in the 141 subnet - that by its own statement is in the "proper" subnet. It functions well, so I'm confident that it is actually not in the guest network.
  • Zyxel_EricZyxel_Eric Posts: 241  Zyxel Moderator
    Dear @w8rn8r,

    Thanks for your information.
    If your Multy is on Bridge Mode, the parental control button will grey out, and unable to click.
    We would like to check this issue,  can you Send Feedback on your Multy App, and it will generate two log files, and we can analyze it.

    Best Regards,
  • w8rn8rw8rn8r Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Done - sent.

    On the subject of parental control: while I understand that this is not available in bridge mode (or is not intended to be available), I would still like to be able to see a list of connected devices. I think this is a must have feature.
  • w8rn8rw8rn8r Posts: 8  Junior Member
    Hi @Zyxel_Eric - any findings yet, based on the data sent?

    Best Regards
  • Zyxel_EricZyxel_Eric Posts: 241  Zyxel Moderator
    edited January 3
    Dear @w8rn8r,

    We didn't find any Feedback from you in our system.
    Can you provide your email address which signed the Zyxel account on Multy for us to clarify your feedback?
    We have contacted you via private message. Please kindly check your message box.

    Best Regards,
  • Zyxel_EricZyxel_Eric Posts: 241  Zyxel Moderator
    edited January 9
    Dear @w8rn8r ,

    The bridge mode will disable the DHCP and Multy cannot modify the end clients, nor get the information from the clients, due to the IP isn't provided from Multy itself.
    That's why the Parental control and the Devie Number widget will disable when the Multy is on Bridge Mode.

    Multy App has set this widget(device number) on the front page only when it is on NAT mode, However, this widget will detect the Network Mode, then decide to appear or not.

    As your situation, the Device Number will disappear after few seconds when Multy is on Bridge  Mode, and you clicked the Device number to enter the Parental control before it disappears. 
    We will try to find a way to enhance it in the feature release.

    Best Regards,

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